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Logistics planningLogistics planning

Comprehensive analysis of your logistics and preparation of a new logistics concept.

Careful planning is the basis for every successful logistics project. This is true in particular for logistics planning, which involves selecting a cost-optimized and customer-specific solution. Ehrhardt + Partner Consulting is familiar with the range of possible uses and applications of all established and new technologies and trends, such as Logistics 4.0. Consultation and planning are always manufacturer-independent and neutral with a view to finding the most economically appropriate solution. For the customer, that means maximum transparency for the individual components of the system – whether material flow, storage technology or the degree of automation.


Planning new logistics systems.

Many factors comes into play when planning a new warehouse. It is important to identify them, to take a holistic view of all the factors and then balance them optimally in the future logistics system. Working with you, we identify the basic requirements for item storage, for the material and process flow in the warehouse, the information flows based on those two flows, and the external and limiting factors.

The most important basis for planning is the quantity structure. This involves taking a careful look at your stock and transaction data.

Once the rough planning and outline of your future warehouse is complete, detailed planning can begin. Detailed planning then involves preparing tender documents and the requirements for your warehouse, transport and IT systems. As an expert and independent partner, we are can coordinate and negotiate with suppliers on your behalf.

We are your one-stop solution provider.

Logistics consulting, logistics planning, logistics concepts.



  • Development of custom warehouse and logistics strategies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Logistics and IT consulting
  • Benchmarking
  • Outsourcing and insourcing concepts



  • Analysis of potentials
  • Site planning
  • Warehouse and logistics planning
  • Upgrades and retrofits
  • Tendering and awarding of contracts



  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Support when your warehouse is put into operation, and during the inspection/approval process
  • Ongoing support and optimization

From the planning phase to the design in 3 steps.

As a logistics expert, we work with you from defining your logistics goals to designing the warehouse. 

1) Basis of planning

  • Definition of tasks and objectives (target status) and record of requirements and custom specifications
  • Identification of the variants to be considered and definition of the priorities and business objectives (e.g. budget and cost savings)
  • Evaluation criteria for comparing variants and record of actual status of relevant logistics data and processes

2) Analysis + evaluation

  • Data preparation and plausibility checks, as well as analysis and evaluation
  • Calculation of quantity structures and key figures, and projection of actual data onto the target data basis
  • Planning data and analysis as the basis for creating the concept variant(s)

3) Design

1) Organization

Target work sequences, processes and material flows

2) Technology

Choice and assignment of logistics technology

3) Dimensioning

Key figure-based dimensioning of the system

4) Budgeting

Investment and operating cost estimate, as well as approximate scheduling

5) Comparison of variants

Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the concept variants

6) Recommendation

Recommendation of the preferred variant

Results achieved in previous warehouse and logistics planning projects.

Warehouse planning and logistics planning.

Planning a new finished goods warehouse

Brief: Space and capacity planning of a finished goods warehouse for paints in Germany

Result: Reduction of storage and logistics space by 40% compared to original planning and creation of 15% more storage capacity. Total saving of 2 million Euros in construction costs.

Planning a new distribution centre for a leading food retailer in Dubai

Brief: Planning a distribution centre to supply 50 of the company's branches and integration of online retail

Result: 7 years (calculated) amortization period and 15% ROI (Return on Investment)

Planning a new logistics concept for a leading winery in Germany

Brief: Planning a new fully automatic high-bay warehouse with fully automatic production supply and disposal by automated guided vehicles

Result: Approx. 850,000 Euros in savings on operational logistics costs per year


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