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Noatum Logistics opts for LFS.wms in the cloud.

Integrated or independent solution? That was the choice for Spanish logistics service provider, Noatum Logistics, when they were looking for warehouse management software to install in their new warehouse in Barcelona. It soon became clear that only a comprehensive solution covering and managing all processes centrally was going to keep up with the planned growth of the company in the long term. The company therefore chose the LFS.wms warehouse management system from the Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG). The software gives Noatum Logistics the necessary flexibility when it comes to adding new clients and adapting processes. LFS.wms is also available as a cloud solution – a further requirement for the logistics provider to stay competitive in the rapidly growing logistics market.

Perfectly positioned for global growth.

Excellent logistics service on land, at sea and in the air: Noatum Logistics is one of the leading logistics providers in Spain and Turkey. With more than 400 employees in seven countries, the company is also successful on the international market. "For our new warehouse in Barcelona, we needed a system that will grow with us, can be flexibly adapted and is available as a cloud solution," says Santiago Heras, Warehouse Manager at Noatum Logistics. It soon became evident that a simple logistics module linked to the shipping agency software did not offer enough functionality to manage the extensive processes in the warehouse. The latest version of the LFS.wms warehouse management system was therefore chosen – the Warehouse Manager, Santiago Heras, has already worked with the system in the past and thoroughly appreciates its performance and flexibility.


A cloud solution in 35 days

Noatum Logistics wanted no loss of agility and flexibility for its processes when the new warehouse system was introduced. The transition from previous paper-based warehouse management to LFS.wms went smoothly. The warehouse in Barcelona has 8,700 bin locations in four storage areas. In addition to a replenishment area and a bulk warehouse, there are areas for dynamic picking and fixed picking. Up to 14,000 pallets arrive in the warehouse each month. In addition to handling a wide range of items, LFS.wms also manages the throughput of 500 orders per day and a picking volume of 50,000 runs per month – a high workload that could not be achieved in the long term without powerful software. And Noatum Logistics is planning further growth.


It was therefore also important to the company that the processes defined for Barcelona can be easily adapted. LFS.wms gives Noatum Logistics the means and flexibility to adapt new processes and add new clients in-house, and therefore remain independent. Running the software in the cloud provides additional crucial advantages for the logistics service provider. By outsourcing the service infrastructure and related services, the company can fully focus on its core expertise – there is no need to invest in expensive IT structures. E+P also provides the technical know-how. The flexible computing power makes it easy to add new clients quickly as well.


"The LFS project had tio priority for us. The logistics market is developing at a rapid pace. We did not want to lose any time," says Santiago Heras. "Thanks to the many references from previous projects, we knew that EPG was capable of implementing a project like this in record time." LFS.wms went live within only 35 days and is having a positive effect already, just six months after commissioning.