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LFS.wms increases productivity by 25 percent.

The figures speak for themselves. Since the introduction of the LFS.wms warehouse management system two years ago, welding technology and workshop expert Technolit® has managed its central warehouse in Großenlüder (with more than 50,000 items) and its goods outgoing (with up to 2,500 packages and 140 pallets every day) with maximum efficiency, seeing around 21 percent fewer picking errors, a roughly 25 percent improvement in performance and an increase in stock reliability of about 30 percent. The aim was to make the processes transparent, digital and standardized. A side effect of the greater automation is also a significant improvement in productivity. 

Technolit® takes stock.

LFS.wms manages nine clients for Technolit®. Each client has its own stock, which is accessed reciprocally. Returns in particular can now be processed more simply with the software and delivered to the relevant owner. Another advantage of LFS.wms is the integrated module for handling hazardous materials and goods. For example, the software places chemicals so that they are stored in accordance with the regulations and are then transported in compliance with the ADR. In the packing dialog, the warehouse management system also displays all dangerous goods specifications, making it easier for employees to work at the twelve packing stations.

LFS.wms also controls the approx. 1.4-kilometer automated RFID container conveyor system with 16 picking stations. It is connected to shelved racking with around 40,000 bins, which is served by a high-bay warehouse with around 5,500 pallet spaces. LFS.wms makes sure that the containers are output and loaded by pick-by-voice pickers at the correct stations.

Mobile workstations for greater flexibility

Alongside LFS.wms, Technolit® uses another solution from the Ehrhardt + Partner Group. The company has seven mobile workstations, which are used in the external warehouses with around 2,000 pallet spaces and elsewhere. The mobile workstations are a flexible way to collect and retrieve data. Labels can also be printed without plugging in. "Our targets for transparency, digitization and standardization have been met completely. Using LFS.wms has allowed us to significantly optimize our warehouse processes. There are now fewer manual activities, which in turn has had a positive effect on the stock reliability," says Sebastian Retzlaff, company representative and Head of Logistics and Customer Service at Technolit®.